Watch Lady Bianca’s first time

First time scat mistress Lady Bianca a thick bottomed black bbw stops by punish the toilet boy with a huge nasty pile of shit while verbally abusing him at the same time. As an added bonus we put the shitting action in slow motion so you could hear all the sounds and see the shit really bury his face.

Poo Spit Cake

Scat Goddess removes her robe to go poop standing up to get the first ingredients to baking chocolate cake. She goes into the kitchen and gets out previously saved load to add into the mixture. Putting the cake mix together Goddess spits into the bowl as she stirs it all up. Spreading the scat out evenly to bake first ever full chocolate poo spit cake.

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More Scat Brownies

Best line: where is all my poop? I am not sure, but she goes digging for it. Bonus, piss in this video too…I wish i was that styrofoam cup; It’s SO hot how you dug that first one out and then kept looking for for; then Mistress sucks her fingers clean – amazing and very sensual; Mmm, yes ,Goddess, we have missed tasting you, thankfully she is quite the baker; Nice looking brownies Goddess!

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